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                                             CH Al Kamir de Pichera

In February 2003 on the way home from Westminster, Judi Boston and Enid Lagree were planning a 10th birthday party celebration for CH Al Kamir de Pichera. Judi and Enid imported Kamil from Span in 1994. Kamil earned his championship in 1996 and went on to sire a number of champions. More important, he was the perfect ambassador for the breed even during the most trying times. In the summer of 2002 he won the hearts of the entire veterinary staff while undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

While making Kamil’s guest list, they discovered to their amazement that they had over 250 names of Giant Schnauzer owners on their regional mailing list. That number was all the motivation, incentive and Giant push they needed to start forming the club.

Over 20 Giant Schnauzer fanciers attended Kamil’s party on March 8, 2003 and with a captive audience it seemed the perfect time to launch a regional club and hold a first meeting. Everyone agreed that that there was a need. Most Giant owners do not show their dogs, they all like very much to socialize with other Giant Schnauzer owners. They also want to learn more about grooming, training, and living successfully with their dogs. More than anything else, all Giant Schnauzer owners want to have fun with their dogs.

The club’s first slate of officers was chosen at the meeting:

Judi Boston, President

Joe West, Vice President
Bill Ameser, Treasurer
Anne West, Secretary

Board members: Matt Smith, Enid Lagree and Carey Bradley

Enid Lagree was chosen to edit the club’s quarterly newsletter: The Giant Hotline. The first issue of The Hotline was mailed out at the end of March 2003. The minutes for the club’s first meeting appeared in that issue.

The club’s website was also up and running, thanks to Carey Bradley, by April 2003.

During the third quarter of 2003 the club changed its name to The South Central Giant Schnauzer Club, and added two new board members: Leta Whittington and Kevin Jennings.

By the end of 2003 the club’s membership had grown to 89 and the club established non-profit status and banking privileges.

Over the years the club continues to grow. We currently have 200+ members from all over the US, plus members from Canada, Japan and Germany. The Hotline continues to be our major source of communication. However, we’re also enjoying social media via our members’ daily posting of pictures and comments on our Facebook page.

We still hold two major gathers per year, Spring Fling and Fall Round-Up. We encourage everyone to come out and join us. You do not have to be a member to attend.

In addition to the gatherings, SCGSC has successfully hosted two Regional Specialties in Monroe, LA under the direction of Board Member and Officer, Pat Gandy. Dog shows are a great way to educate people interested in the breed, and support our club members who are showing their Giants.

As we continue to grow and evolve, we would like to invite you join our membership!